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Making Data Work for You

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In the last few years there has been one field of technology which has experienced enormous change and growth. It has influenced the lives of many people both at home and in the work place. This is the field of information technology. With the internet’s rise in popularity, both as a social and business tool, there have been many great advances that have swept away old, outdated notions about the way people think of information, business, and society as a whole. Innovative business owners everywhere have seen and taken advantage of these changes in order to promote growth and stability for their companies.

This is more than simple marketing techniques or business tactics. These changes have brought about new, comprehensive strategies that have proven successful for many years. This is good news, both for new, upcoming entrepreneurs and established businesses. It has become easier than ever to take advantage of the vast resources available through information technology and business intelligence. Consumer and industrial business intelligence has become a field all on its own, with smart, savvy individuals providing services to companies of all shapes and sizes. Understanding the way these talented individuals process raw data into meaningful information is important when you are considering applying the advantageous services provided by business intelligence specialists.

Success Through Intelligence

Despite the rapid growth of the business intelligence community, there are still many who may wonder what exactly these organizations can do for a specific company. In theory, the practice is relatively simple: consumer and industrial business intelligence companies adhere to a set of theories and methodologies in order to produce meaningful information from raw numbers and data concerning the current economic environment. There are several ways in which this is accomplished—each firm has its own set of theories, as well as certain advantages and disadvantages that come along with their practices. A few of the components of consumer and industrial business intelligence that are commonly used include:

  • Analysis of statistical information
  • Budgeting and consolidation as a group
  • Seeking and recognizing key performance indicators
  • Standardization, as well as renormalization
  • Multidimensional aggregation

These practices are used to help businesses of all shapes and sizes find new ways that they can manipulate data to their advantage and cultivate new business and growth as a company. This field of study has become vital to the success of many businesses in recent years. Many of those who have taken advantage of such opportunities have experienced unprecedented enlargement of their client base and a comprehensive understanding of their demographic.

How Does it Work?

In simple terms, organizations which provide intelligent business information are able to look at a company’s history and current status in order to make accurate and meaningful predictions of the future expectations. The most common techniques applied by business intelligence technologies include reporting, online analytical processing, data mining, complex event processing, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and other functions that are of great value to businesses. These tactics provide support and give direction to companies who wish to experience growth through information technology.

Many will use the term competitive intelligence as a synonym for these practices, however, the advantage of business intelligence as opposed to competitive intelligence is this: competitive intelligence is mainly focused on gathering information on competing companies and organizations. This data is then used to exploit the weaknesses in other business’s strategies. Business intelligence is focused more on internal data. Think of it as offense as opposed to defense When a company employs the services of a company which specializes in internal intelligence, it is as if they are strengthening the internal workings—fixing the gaps in the armor, as it were. This means that by integrating internal intelligence strategies into your business tactics, you are solidifying your position and strengthening the structure of your company.

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