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Is Print Advertising Still Useful?

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Who says print ads aren’t an effective means to reach target markets? Sure, the Internet has grown to reach a huge number of online communities, but the best way to reach target buyers is to know where they’re shopping.

When people think of print ads, mostly they think of ads printed in the newspaper. There other means by which to advertise, and many businesses are getting creative. One way is having your company or product printed on a canopy out at a theme park or on a board walk at the beach. People who are out enjoying their day will see it.

Local merchants still advertise in the paper because it provides instant connection with those who live in the area and travelers passing through the region. At times it feels like everybody is active on social media and using the internet for all of their research, but in reality some people still enjoy the smell of the newspaper and the habit of flipping through the pages while they have a coffee or eat breakfast. Many read through the newspaper in addition to using the web.

For almost a decade, the ROI for print has not changed drastically. Almost 60 percent of ads will be seen regardless of the size of the readership. In smaller, old-fashioned communities across the nation where some families don’t have access to the Internet, they still depend upon community newspapers. You may be surprised of how many towns there are like this still. A website does not bring the community together like the small local newspaper that has the local high school sports team averages, community events, local church revivals, legal notices, obituary listings and other news that the people in the area are depending on reading.

The Internet may cover the news and reach larger masses, and the media may have learned the value of building an online readership. However, there will always be a need for the local newspaper. Hardware giants like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Ace Hardware still find it profitable to reach those around them. McDonald’s, Subway, Captain D’s and other restaurant chains draw coupon collectors.

Companies and people don’t have to rely solely on print ads in the newspaper either, as mentioned earlier. Magazines are still doing well too.



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